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We do FREE Estimates

Call or email us to setup an appointment. We will review the work to be done in person while offering suggestions and doing circuit design. Within a few days, you will receive an estimate back giving you an approximate job/ project cost.

Estimate: We do an esimate instead a quote. All invoices are only ever for actual time worked and material used on the job.

We find this to be the most fair way of calculating payment for everyone. You never pay for estimates, breaks or the labour to fix a mistake made by us.


Let us send an electrician by to inspect your home for electrical hazards for Free. Upon request, we can do a detailed inspection, billed hourly.

We will check and test:
- Knob & tube, aluminium wiring
- Outlets for proper wiring/ grounding
- Breaker/ fuse panel inspection
- Inspect any visible wiring for damage/ correct wiring methods
- Check panel for proper wiring

For a fee we can provide a written report. Attics and crawlspaces can also be inspected. Thermal image inspections of your electrical panel and breakers upon request.

This service is provided to residents in the Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge area.


If you are having an electrical problem (flickering lights, sparking, tripping breakers etc) we would love to help you understand.

Troubleshooting started at our minium rate of 1 hour. We will explain & work to solve the problem as efficiently as possible. Call or email us to setup an appointment.

The Payment Process

1. 1st Invoice/ Payment is due after rough-in inpection is scheduled (with rough-in work)
2. 2nd Invoice/ Payment is due after final work is done and inpection is scheduled
3. ESA "certificate of inpection" is provided when final payment is made


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